Patients are no longer willing to suffer to stay in shape.
Curious to learn how to increase your patient satisfaction and clinic profitability with ELITE NS?

What is ELITE NS?

ELITE NS can help you meet this market demand by providing you with a NON-INVASIVE, pain-free, safe treatment option with no tissue damage and no recovery time!
ELITE NS is the ideal INDIBA® solution for clinics that treat large body areas, or who have a huge demand in body contouring and cellulite treatments. It provides incredible results for aesthetic treatments, such as keloids, which require a high temperature.

Product benefits

ELITE NS treatments DO NOT DAMAGE but regenerate the tissue and provide the following benefits for your patients:
  • Pain free
  • Non-ablative
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Results visible from the very first session


INDIBA® Deep Care uses monopolar radiofrequency at a specific frequency of 448 kHz. Research shows that the stable frequency of 448 kHz allows you to achieve three different treatment effects along with their associated results:
Biostimulation (sub-thermal)

Activates the cell metabolic rate, increases blood circulation and activates fibroblasts. The possibility of working in subthermia using only the electric effect makes Elite NS a truly versatile device.

Vascularization (thermal)
Dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, oxygenates tissues and cells, increases cell metabolism and encourages drainage.
Hyperactivation (hyperthermal)
Breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell metabolism and encourages collagen production.

Highly Customized Treatment

VPP – Variable Pulse Profile

The massager is a great tool for treating large body areas e.g. cellulite and fat deposits, and it is also useful for treating the facial or smaller areas of the body.
Proionic® Care Cream
Paraben free with slightly acidic pH; it helps to increase electrical conductivity, facilitate a good sliding movement and improve results.
Our column is the ideal accessory to move your device around in your daily practice. It also includes space to store electrodes and the plate heater.
Transport Solution
Our carefully designed transport case and trolley will facilitate and protect the device, accessories and creams whilst being transported around.


ELITE NS helps to rebalance the cells, increase the internal temperature and activate metabolism; this eliminates fat without damage to other cells. (Non-invasive body contouring, Removal or reduction of body fat and Body sculpting).
Reduction of Cellulite
ELITE NS helps to reduce cellulite and achieve smoother and firmer skin. (Edematous, fibrotic , adipose and mixed cellulite).
Skin Tightening and Hydration
It returns the health and natural beauty to the skin. It increases the blood flow and nutrients, it hydrates the tissue and stimulates collagen production.
Scar Treatments
With hyperthermia you can successfully reduce keloids; with subthermia you can treat scars in the acute phase.
Facial and Body Rejuvenation
It helps our body regenerate collagen and elastin fibers by plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
Combined Treatments
It can be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments and technologies like threads, fillers and fractional CO2 laser to reduce the recovery time or enhance the effects
Skin Tightening and Hydration
Pre and Post Surgery
Collaboration with prestigious universities, hospitals and research centers has led to over 300 scientific references on INDIBA® and has generated indexed articles, Master’s and doctoral theses that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of our technology.
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