Providing first-in-class medical devices, Skincare and clinical training to elevate your aesthetic services.

We work closely with dermatological clinics, medical spas, estheticians, and plastic surgery centers to elevate their aesthetic medical services with the latest in technologies, efficacy and clinical training.
At Curated Aesthetics we probe the world through all that the market has to offer and carefully select the best skincare and aesthetic devices that produce clinical results and a high return on your investment. We verify quality and efficacy from multiple suppliers and manufacturers worldwide to bring you the best option for your unique and individual clinic needs at every step during your decision making process. We lead our curated offerings with high-quality standards and technologically advanced modalities. We understand that your clinic is unique and your menu of services should match that uniqueness. You want your clients to know that you carefully select and handpick your services to fit your market and needs of those most often visiting you seeking guidance and treatments for their toughest skin concerns.

Bringing a curated approach with the best aesthetic skincare and devices to your practice.

As the industry evolves and grows, knowing the best choice and who to trust can become trickier. We do all the work required to discard and select so you can focus solely on caring for your patients and running your business. No one wants to be a “me too” Medspa. We search for high quality modalities in a results driven industry that help set you apart from everyone else on the block.
We know that not every clinic or practice requires the same improvements, which is why we work closely with our clients to identify their needs and discuss industry trends and possible gaps in service to provide the best solution available.
Additionally, we ensure you and your staff know all the benefits and treatment options our devices offer. We provide comprehensive after sale support, marketing and training to ensure you’re on your way and off to a successful start.

Our team has 20 years of combined experience in the health, medical and aesthetic industry.

We know exactly what to look out for when scouting for new technologies and ensure that we supply you with the best option in the market. All the modalities we offer comply with the highest quality, regulations, and innovation standards.

Safety, innovation, price integrity and effectiveness leads Curated Aesthetics

We are here to help you revolutionize and innovate the services you deliver by bringing you the latest advancements. We base the decisions and selections on clinically proven devices that comply with safety regulations, and are priced with your bottom line in mind, so you can offer the best technology to your client base without breaking the bank!

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